Riders List For: IDCTA Mini Event and CT



Rider Horse Dressage XCountry Status
Adams, Eleanor Alowishus 01:00 03:58 Complete Starter CT with Copper leaf
Allen, Lily Cherry on top 09:12 02:04 Complete Novice Mini Sat Brad Hall clinic
Arnold, Elizabeth Born this way 11:00 02:56 Funds paperwork
Carli, Brianna Red Hot 10:00 03:38 Complete Starter Mini with Castle Ridge
Cederlund, Sarah Not your average Joe 10:18 02:42 Complete BN Mini with team lemonspider
Doering, Jessica Jax 09:00 02:00 Complete Novice Mini
Fettig, Elizabeth Benalli 09:48 02:32 Complete BN Mini team GE
Grace Maverick 12:30 03:48 Funds paperwork BN Mini
Hamilion, Lily Pippa 11:36 03:30 Funds Starter Mini team GE
Haydam, Abby Vlad 11:42 03:32 Funds paperwork Starter Mini team GE
Kowalski, Danielle Kanin 10:36 02:48 Complete BN Mini Haul in
Kreif, isabelle Davie 10:06 02:38 Funds paperwork BN mini team GE
Lee, Meredith Queen of the nile 11:24 03:04 Complete BN CT with Double J
Lee, Meredith Queen of the nile 12:12 03:42 Complete Starter Novice Mini with Double J
Lind, Madison Picture Perfect 01:06 04:10 Complete Pre Starter CT
Llanas, Lexi Super Girls Distant Dream 12:36 04:08
Lonergan, Grace Dancing Dragon 10:12 02:40 Complete BN Mini with Rosefield Farm
Marcoe, Kayka Malika 10:30 02:46 Complete BN Mini haul in
Masten, Lucy Island Sun 11:12 03:00 Complete BN CT with Copper leaf
Meland, Carol Finnagain 12:06 03:40 Complete Starter Mini team GE
Mosby, Robin Kenny 10:00 02:36 Funds paperwork BN mini team GE
Nate, Kendyl Countin on the codeman 11:54 03:36 Complete Starter mini Brad Hall clinic with Lily Allen
Pedersen, Allyssa Made over Mustang 09:42 02:30 Complete BN Mini
Pollesch, Jessica Just Because 10:42 02:50 Complete BN Mini with Country view
Pope, Charlotte Check Mate 11:18 03:02 Complete BN CT with Double J
Pope, Charlotte Check Mate 12:18 03:44 Complete Starter Mini with Double J
Remensnyder, Shelley Ireland 11:48 03:34 Complete Starter Mini with team lemonspider
Richards, Emma Snooper Man 10:24 02:44 complete BN mini with Double J
Richards, Emma Snooper Man 09:30 02:10 Complete Novice CT with Double J
Rohrer, Cheryl Celtic Kyrie 10:48 02:52 Complete BN Mini Team GE
Schutz, Amy Brazenheart 12:42 03:52 Complete Starter CT haul in
Townsend, Anna Winston 09:54 02:34 Complete BN Mini Team GE
Tuinstra, Anna Endeavor 10:54 02:54 Complete BN Mini with CVEE
Vik, Krista All that Glitters 09:06 02:02 Complete Novice Mini with Rosefield SH
Walsh, Megan Maverick 12:48 03:54 Complete Starter CT with team Hall
Williams, DeMarcus Bently 12:24 03:46 Complete Starter Mini with Double J
Williams, DeMarcus Bentley 12:54 03:56 Complete Starter CT with Double J
Yakes, Gwenna Brazenheart 01:06 04:10 Complete Pre starter CT haul in